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You Know It’s Going To Be About War is a collective portrait of Ukrainians in war, focusing on those who managed to escape, who haven't been on the frontline or experienced the atrocities of the aggressor’s army on their own skin, though still marked by psychological traumas. In the third month of the war, the need for normalcy slowly begins to overpower the fear of death. All the characters are connected by their close relationships with the director, who is trying to cope with survivor’s guilt and is searching for ways to regain ownership over her future after it was taken away on the 24th of February. It is a journey to celebrate life despite the war.

This film had its domestic premiere at the 2023 Tromsø International Film Festival in Tromsø, Norway. It will have its international premiere at Visions du Réel festival in April, 2023. 

Director: Olha Tsybulska
Director of Photography: Jack Belisle 
Editor: Ganna Iaroshevych
Producer: John Emil Richardsen/Montevideo Tromsø
1st AD/Stills/B-Cam: Arthur Würsten
Sound Recorder: Dmytro Oleksiuk

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